To have an



To develop an advertising campaign promoting B2B model of «Rostelecom» for managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses


We found out that entrepreneurs understand best the language of cost reduction and survival (35 points of Small Business Index) and instead of a feature set, they prefer to see specific benefits that accrue from brand services. That is why the creative idea is based on first person micro-stories.


The narrators featuring in documentary-style clips represent the most popular types of small businesses, such as cafés, restaurants, delivery service, and small stores. They apply a certain technology in real time and we witness benefits and new opportunities provided by B2B products of the company.

The campaign included a wide range of formats, such as OLV, OOH, POSM, SMM and Digital.



New customer
engagement plan


Likeability of the brand




«Intention to connect»

The growth of attributes


«The brand is for me»


«It offers effective and
thoughtful decisions»


«It understands
my needs»


«Personal business approach»


Corporate customers of Rostelecom’s mono broadband internet access having to deal with communication addressed our contact center to create a package.


«Strategy for development of B2B»/Bronze/2018
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